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Lille Kalvøy
Rental conditions

Arrival and departure

The guest has right to use the cabin until 10 o’clock on the day of departure.  We do what we can to accommodate new guests a fast as possible on the day of arrival.

The cabin

The cabin shall be turned over in a good cleaned condition, specially the kitchen and bathroom. We can do the cleaning for you for a fee.  By hygenic reasons bedcovers and sheets has to be used at all times. Sleepingbag is not allowed to use. Our cabins is non-smoking and we ask our guests to respect this and use the outdoor facility to smoke.


In Norway is requried by law to wear safetywests onboard in the boat. The guest is responseble for damages on the boat, engine and equipment that has been done with recklessness or with purpose. Give notice back to us if the boat has faults or missing equipment. Always carry a mobilephone/celluar then using the boat. It’s not allowed to use a boat then drunk. Please, turn over the boat after use in cleaned condition. Please, check the weather conditions before departing out on the sea. When arrival the boat has full tank of gas and this is required to be full at departure.

Guttingroom, handling of fishremains

We encourage all users of the commonareas to clean up after themselves. Dump the fishremains on a spesific place. This to avoid bad smells and the atracting of animals.

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